Two Certified Weight Loss Coaches

Working to help you lose weight and gain your health back through nutrition information and coaching.

Mother and Daughter – Coaches Laura & Veronica Childs
(Before & After)

Your coaches are a mother and daughter team who have lost and kept off 70 and 55 pounds, at 50 and 20 years of age, respectively. (2014)

We didn’t stop there though!

We further invested in our knowledge by gaining certifications as Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioners. Veronica is also certified as a Nutritional Therapist; Laura as a Nutrition Coach (Sport and Exercise).

These extra certifications (plus our continued research now in psychology and habits) ensure that we can help more people, in more ways!

Our mission is to get you off the diet roller coaster so that you too can experience the joy that healthy, lasting weight loss delivers.






Our Core Beliefs

Learn & Share

We – you, plus our Utmost Family Members – can help end the obesity epidemic! Through sharing the message inside on lasting weight loss with friends, family, and our communities, we can all spread the message of both health and hope.

Discover Industry Truths

The truth about the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry needs to be exposed! The era of shameful marketing, poor quality celebrity-endorsed food products, and inferior advice that leaves many people feeling broken or helpless needs to end.

Believe In Your Best

Healthy and sustainable weight loss is possible! Our core training and coaching will impact your health. We further promise that if we cannot help you lose weight (perhaps due to a pre-existing condition) we can further assist you through assessments and professional recommendations.
Having searchable information and a helpful community available is a game changer!

  1. Need a recipe for a weekend family dinner?
  2. A little encouragement during your lunch hour?
  3. Need the assistance of a weight loss or nutrition coach regarding habits, food, or food preparation help?

With over 400 pages and 300 recipes plus two coaches who are focused on your success, your chance of making honest mistakes or being fed misinformation is minimized.

All that plus added benefits of accountability and support at your fingertips!

We specialize in Low Carb High Fat, ketogenic (KETO), and simple low carb diets but our certifications and varying clients keep us well-versed in multiple dieting modalities.

Optimum nutrition during weight loss is our top concern!

  • Recipes for every occasion.
  • Nutrition information plus macro-nutrient pie chart visual.
  • Most include color photos.

Guides on:

  • Slow Cooker Safety
  • Healthy Grilling
  • Cooking Fish
  • Making Bone Broth (it keeps your skin tight while you lose sub-cutaneous and visceral fat)

And more!

Start with a proven nutrition system.

Add in support, accountability, and a community.

Weight loss becomes easier than ever before.

Knowledge and individualization ensures sustainability.

Plus you eat well while you lose weight, nutritiously.

Discover a diet that works to get the weight off and has lasting results.

Discover a website that has everything you need, including the assistance of two experienced and certified practitioners.

Bring your body back to the size it was meant to be with a delicious diet – based on your palate and budget.

We’ve seen this way of eating work with all types:

  • men and women,
  • busy entrepreneurs,
  • young, single moms,
  • University students,
  • people who don’t know how to cook,
  • people who don’t like to cook,
  • the budget-restricted,
  • young and not-so-young (14 to 66).

(If you’re not on the list above, feel free to drop us an email to see if we can help you!)

Our weight loss protocol consists of a few simple rules to help you reach and maintain your body’s ideal weight. This knowledge is information you can use for a lifetime, even as your body changes with age.*

You can get started right away – today is the perfect day to begin – and start seeing results within a week (typical, but not promised, results).

* Pending no illness or medications impede your journey.

The Time for YOU is Now.

Not One Good Reason To Wait A Moment Longer…